What is Cultural Community Projects?

Stockholm University Cultural Community Projects is a platform for students and stakeholders in the city to meet and develop new ideas as well as contribute to the development of specific places.

The purpose is to create an opportunity for experimentation and idea generation for the public spaces as well as a forum for knowledge sharing between experts in the field and our partners. The platform is developed as part of a challenge-driven course at Stockholm University which was initiated through a strategic grant in order to enable collaboration between academia and actors in society and to contribute to a culturally sustainable urban development.

The course gives the opportunity to plan for and realize cultural placemaking projects in collaboration with partners in the cultural and private sector, as well as municipalities. The course is also part of the Vinnova-funded PLATO-project on testing and developing digital tools for participative placemaking.

In the launch of this new course and platform, we are focusing on three public spaces:

City of Stockholm: Frihamnstorget and Sergels Torg

Värmdö municipality: Gustavsbergs Hamn

Järfälla kommun: Barkarbystaden.

Together with local public and private partners, we offer the students the opportunity to work in an experimental way with support from experts and feedback from stakeholders.

Ragnar Lund, Senior lecturer at Stockholm University is responsible for the challenge-driven course and platform for culture-led urban development.

If you would like to propose a collaboration within the platform or if you would like to participate in designing a case for our students to work with, you are welcome to write on the platform to propose your idea.