Who are we?

Present your self, your name, background and project.

Welcome, I am Maria.

I am not part of your course, but of the Plato project which we will introduce to you more in detail later this month.

You can ping me @MariaEuler if you have any questions about the discourse platform here or the Plato project in general as well as about House Blivande or Frihamnstorget :slight_smile:

Fredrik Thorén, freelance journalist and urban planning student, and wants to work on the Frihamnstorget-project

I’m William Hall, a 27 y/o curator based here in Stockholm. The project that I’m working on is stadsgårdskajen.

Emma Weinerhall, marketing director at Trädgården / Huset under bron and enrolled in this course. I will be working on the Sergels torg / Husby project /Emma

My name is André Davoudian, and I recently took my Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering. The project I will be working on is Sergels Torg/Husby

Hi! My name is Ebba and I’ve studied social geography, planning and ethnography. I’ve also worked with urban development during my internship.

The project I’m participating in will study Kulturhuset at Sergels torg and Husby in Stockholm.

Nils Ström, musician, working on Frihamstorget along with Fredrik

Hi, i am Adam Byström from Stockholm. And i am a master student in Human Geography. And i wants to work on the Gustavsberg project.

Sofia Ekelund, Art Director, BA in History/Museum & Cultural Heritage. Will work on the Gustavsberg-project.

Philippa Staffas i gruppen Birkaterminalen

Agnes Rosenberg, theatre producera and project manager. Working on Birka terminalen

Charlotte Rydberg, Botkyrka Municipality (area developer). I will work on the Sergels torg/Husby project.

My name is Moa, urban planner who is currently studying for a master´s degree in Human Geography. I will work with Sergels torg and Husby torg project

@ragnarl eller @MariaEuler kan någon av er lägga in mig i Sergels torg/Husby-gruppen? Tack på förhand! //Charlotte

Hi Maria!
I think I´m not a member yet in the Sergels torg Husby torg project group/Moa

@MoaPettersson and @CharlotteR, you only need to get added to the general students’ group to get access to your coursework space. The individual project groups are not set up as closed groups. You just set up your thread in the general coursework group and work there. If you want more privacy, you can also set up a PM thread for you group via the little letter icon you see when clicking on your icon on the right upper corner of the screen.

@MariaEuler & @ragnarl: Moa and Charlotte need to be invited to the group “Coursework”, the general students’ group so they can join our individual group work. :slight_smile:

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thank you for the information @ebsi7204.

I am sure Ragnar will add them as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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@ebsi7204 @MariaEuler Now they should be added. Let me know if not @MoaPettersson @CharlotteR

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